Chabi Rani-A Hard Working Woman

Mrs. Chabi Rani Das used to live with her husband Mr. Manik Chandra Das and his family in the village Koitara under Laksam upazila in Comilla. Manik had a long cherished desire to work in a foreign country as an immigrant labor to improve their economic conditions and get rid of poverty. The family managed required amount of money borrowing partly from money lenders at high interest rate and partly from assets mortgage with difficulties and gave it to a local recruitment agent. But the luck was not in favor of them and the recruitment agent was a fake agent cheated them, robbed money and just ran away. Manik was left helpless and frustrated. The money lenders started pressing for loan recovery, etc. The family saw no ray of hope to live with. The incidence was a great blow to their family life particularly for Chabi Rani who was so proud that her husband was going abroad to earn enough to bring solvency to the family. However, finding no other alternatives Manik started working as a day laborer.
At this point of time Chabi Rani heard about People’s Welfare Foundation, a local NGO providing different IGA trainings supported by BNF. Chabi Rani received training on tailoring and sewing, goat rearing and health and sanitation. She was trained in sewing and tailoring intensively for two months and did well in the training. After having a successful training, she received a sewing machine with some accessories and started tailoring as an occupation. She opened a tailoring shop in his house. Soon her business grew and goodwill spread around the locality. The tailoring is the turning point of her life. She worked hard and earned an income of Tk. 4,000-5,000 a month. During Eid and Puja season her business was booming.
Gradually their economic conditions improved and savings accumulated, she thought of sending her husband abroad to fulfill his desire to become an immigrant worker. She began to work harder to arrange required money to send him abroad and their attempt was successful this time. Manik is working in Dubai now and sending money back homeregularly. They are having double earnings from business and remittances.
Mrs. Chobi Rani has become an icon in his locality for contribution to the family getting rid of poverty. Her success story is known to all and people get inspired from her exemplary activities. She has a plan to expand her business as a large enterprise so that poor and unemployed women can work there. She also has plan to start a dairy and poultry farm in the locality to supplement the shortage of milk and meat in the area. Now she is planning to educate her two daughters with higher education.

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